Business Island is the first Island of Ireland business news site for the 395,000 businesses on the Island of Ireland. With an aim of building closer ties between businesses North and South of the Island of Ireland, Business Island has a focus on being the definitive networking tool to these 395,000 businesses in all counties on the Island of Ireland. Each county will have their own area independent and uniquely branded news site within Business Island with Business Dublin, Business Kerry, Business Antrim, Business Wexford, Business Galway, Business Fermanagh etc etc will all being key components of Business Island which will showcase each county for all that it offers from a business and investment perspective.

Our aim is to tell the great stories of the business community and to connect and network with the business people that we will reach and to grow their businesses and to ensure that all businesses across all counties on the Island of Ireland try and do business with each other. Business Island is a FREE to read site for everyone on our website and

In this new era for Business Island, it is supported by organisations and companies who are its advertisers and partners. Business Island has a series of Recommended Partners for each sector of business and defined for each county. This means that there will be a series of Recruitment Firms, Law Firms, Accountancy Firms, Hotels etc etc that are recommended by Business Island on a county by county basis.  What Business Island delivers for its advertisers, partners and readers is –

* Aim of reaching up to 395,000 businesses across the Island of Ireland

* Aim of reaching up to 3.2m business people across the Island of Ireland

* Aim of reaching up to 6.2m citizens across the Island of Ireland

* Aim of reaching out to the 120m people in the Global Island of Ireland Diaspora

* Guaranteed reach of this key business sector for all advertisers

Business Island and its county model will support local business organisations with promotion and coverage of their news, events and strategies so as to ensure that every local county is actively promoted.

Business Island will support many other organisations and charities with free publicity and promotion

Business Island will host an annual business awards event called The Rémy Martin Business Island Awards which will be the largest all Island of Ireland business awards programme held on the Island of Ireland. This will link to local business awards events in each county and its judges will select nominees for awards from the local business sector.

* Ongoing recommendations for businesses from our Twitter account @BusinessIsland and Facebook page @BusinessIsland