Business Island provides a platform in each county on the Island of Ireland for positive business news on that county for its business community. As part of our development programme Business Island is establishing an Industry Advisory Board for each county that will consist of one Industry Expert in each business sector per county so as to provide expert knowledge to the businesses of each county, the employees of those businesses and the people that live in these counties.


Business Island will be working with one business from each sector in each county on an exclusive basis to provide expert and informed opinion to the local business community and others who can benefit from it. The following is the structure of membership of the Industry Advisory Board.

  • You will be listed as a Member of the Industry Advisory Board for your local county
  •  You will write a series of 12 articles relating to your sector for your county during the year which we will place on the site and which we will also promote on our social media channels. These articles will be branded from your business.
  • You will have a premium placed advertisement on to promote your business and you can change the advertisement as often as you wish.
  • You will be acknowledged with an Industry Advisory Board nomination at The Rémy Martin Island of Ireland Business Awards
  • Your business will be promoted heavily by Business Island
  • The business followers for your county will be encouraged to engage directly with our Industry Advisory Board Members and Business Island will promote its Industry Advisory Board Members as its preferred partners for doing business in each county
  • As an Industry Advisory Board Member, your business will be the only one from your sector to be part of this initiative thereby giving your business exclusivity for its sector in your county
  • Business Island will engage in supporting your social media channels
  • Business Island will create and place a special monthly social media advert and post for each of our Industry Advisory Board members

To find out how your business can become the Industry Advisory Board Member for your sector, contact Michael Mulcahy at or at 021 5003050 / 087 7768580